About L'Herboflore

Affordable Luxury 
L`HERBOFLORE's mission is to offer consumers high quality skincare at affordable prices.  Every detail of our products, including packaging, mask material, ingredients and fragrance, are designed meticulously to be of the highest quality.
Integration of Technology & Art
L`HERBOFLORE elevates facial masks to be a combination of technology and works of art.  Our mask materials are thinner, and provide better fit to the skin than other brands of sheet masks, to allow maximum absorption of active ingredients.  For the packaging, we commissioned the most well-known illustrators in Taiwan to design vibrant and unique packaging for every single product.
The most professional and comprehensive mask options
With numerous variants of mask options, our products provide every girl the most exquisite and complete skin care from head to toe. L`HERBOFLORE turns the routine task of applying facial masks into a ritual for both the body and the mind.